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We need to develop a simple desktop application to send SMS using the subscriber's SIM. So far, I have got it working using only Tata Docomo 3G USB Stick (ZTE MF631). However, it does not work if I change the SIM in that USB stick.

Other models, which I have tried but have not got them working are as follows. OS = Windows XP SP3, Javacomm 2.0, SMSLib 3.5.2, connected using USB datacable.

1) Nokia Asha 200 (Series 40) - Service.getInstance().startService() never returns

2) Samsung Galaxy FIT, Samsung Y Pro Duos (Both Android based), Samsung GT-S5603 - These phones do not show up under COM & LPT ports list under Device Manager. So not sure what port should I provide in the new SerialModemGateway("modem.com36", "COM36", 921600, "Samsung", "GT-S5603") call.

3) ZTE MF631 USB Stick - Gets Network Registration Error exception if I try out another SIM in the Stick. The stick is now unlocked.

4) BSNL LW723 stick - Gets Network Registration Error exception

Most of the phones listed in the compatibility list are models launched few years back I guess. Many models of Nokia are mentioned but it is also mentioned that Symbian phones are not compatible. These statements sound conflicting. My 3 questions / doubts are:

1) Which models are a good bet to try out ?
2) Are Android based phones supported at all by SMSLib?
3) If the phone does not show up in the COM port list, would it work ? Is there any workaround to this problem ?
4) In SerialModemGateway constructor, how significant is the "model" parameter i.e. what if does it do any processing based on the exact model # ?

Please help. Your feedback / help is highly appreciated.

Thanks Deep

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Have you considered using API based SMS services rather than a physical SIM card? For example, Twilio offers the ability to send SMS messages via an API as well as the One API gateway – Rod Burns Jul 17 '12 at 9:24
No, the thing is we will not have normal net connectivity on the PC. We need to have a soln where our program can send/receive SMS using the SIM in the GSM phone. – DG. Jul 18 '12 at 4:00

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