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In my rails 3.2 app, I'm using jbuilder to render responses from my JSON api.

I want to provide a common structure to all API responses, and a layout would be the likely solution to keep my views DRY.

ex: I'd like every response to be of the following form :

  status: "ok|error|redirect",
  data:   { ... JSON specific to the current view ... },
  errors: [ ... ],
  notes:  [ ... ]

(where the value for data is a json structure provided by the view, everything else is from the layout)

However: I can't get the jbuilder layout yielding to the view correctly.

# in layout 
json.data yield

# in view
json.some "value"

results in:

{"data":"{\"some\":\"value\"}"}  # arg! my json has become a string

Trying things another way:

# in layout 

# in view
json.data do |json|
  json.some "value"

results in :


Has anyone had success doing this with jbuilder, or another json templating gem/method?

This juilder github issue suggests it's possible, but indicates others are having similar issues.

I see rabl (https://github.com/nesquena/rabl/) is supposed to support layouts (https://github.com/nesquena/rabl/wiki/Using-Layouts), but I've decided not to use it for other reasons (rabl makes complex json structures a nightmare, particularly when trying to control object roots etc).

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You can do this by this way

# api.v1.json.jbuilder - layout
json.request do
  json.message "your message"
  json.status 200
json.data JSON.parse(yield)

# show.json.jbuilder - action view
json.name 'Some item name'
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I like where you're going with this but it seems somewhat wasteful to parse the JSON only to spit it straight back out again – Peter Nixey Jun 9 '14 at 18:31

I'll give you an alternative based on a solution we came up with:

# app/helpers/application_helper.rb
module ApplicationHelper
    def envelope(json, status, errors, notes)
        json.status status
        json.data do
            yield if block_given?
        json.errors errors
        json.notes notes

then, in the view, you can call envelope and include your json code like:

# app/views/api/v1/test/show.json.jbuilder
envelope(json, "OK" ) do
  json.some 'value'
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You have do missing after envelope(json, "OK" ) in the view code – JVK Aug 13 '13 at 6:22
any idea about stackoverflow.com/questions/18202750/… – JVK Aug 13 '13 at 7:19

Late answer, but helped me get what I was looking for...

Success Result:

{ "something": {"id": 42, "message": "hello"}, "status": "ok", "errors": [] }

Error Result:

{ "something": null, "status": "error", "errors": ["could not do the thing"] }



class Api::V1::BaseController < ActionController::API
  layout 'api/v1/application'
  before_action :setup_layout_elements

  def setup_layout_elements
    @status = :ok
    @errors = []

  def error!(message)
    @status = :error
    @errors << message


class Api::V1::SomeController < Api::V1::BaseController
  def index
    @something = begin
                   error!('could not do the thing')
    render builder: 'api/v1/something/index'


json.merge!   JSON.parse(yield)
json.status   @status
json.errors   @errors


json.something do
  json.id      @something.id
  json.message @something.to_s
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Great solution, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. – Michael M. Kalygin Dec 3 '15 at 21:53

jbuilder is pretty simple technique for API views here you can add partials so if you want the same response for all the API create a decorator or create partial for the common response and call that response where ever you need that

Lets say if you want

  status: "ok|error|redirect",
  data:   { ... JSON specific to the current view ... },
  errors: [ ... ],
  notes:  [ ... ]

create a partial for this /views/api/common/_some_partial

 json.status "ok whatever the message"
 json.data do
   json.message "message"
 json.errors @errors
 json.notes @notes_array

Its pretty much simple solution for your question.


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In case you don't want to include extra key you can do so

class UsersController < ApplicationController
   layout: 'json_layout'

In /app/views/layouts/json_layout.json.jbuilder

json.success true
r = JSON.parse(yield)
  json.set! k,v
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JBuilder does not support using json.jbuilder as your layout (see issue #172 on Github).

I managed to avoid doing an extra round of parse&generate by using json.erb as my layout format.


class Api::BaseController < ActionController::Base
  layout "api.v1"


<% if @api_errors.present? %>
  "errors": <%= raw JSON.dump @api_errors %>,
<% else %>
  "data": <%= yield %>,
<% end %>
  "meta": <%= raw JSON.dump @api_meta %>
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