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I want to develop a small application to get stock price from Google Finance automatically and store it in my local machine for future analysis.

Can anyone give me some clue how to get started?

I know some C#. Will it be suitable for this purpose?

Thank you in advance.

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The Google Finance Gadget API has been officially deprecated since October 2012, but as of April 2014, it's still active:


Note that if your application is for public consumption, using the Google Finance API is against Google's terms of service.

This gives a JSON response which can be parsed using a simple JSON parser in C# after chopping off the first two chars ('//').

For downloading historic data again, you could use the Google APIs.


gives out a CSV of end of day stock prices from startdate to enddate. Use a simple CSV parser to get meaningful data out of this stored on your db. However, this format=csv option does not work for a few stock exchanges.

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