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I'm trying to setup my projects to all compile LESS the same way. Currently, I have my source files in their own folder. In that folder the modules are categorized into different sub-folders. (e.g. less/reset.less, less/variables.less, less/module/nav.less, less/layout/inline.less, etc.)

I want my build file to compile these files into another folder, but maintain the sub-folder structure. So:

  • less/mixins.less -> css/reset.css
  • less/module/nav.less -> css/module/nav.css
  • less/layout/inline.less -> css/layout/inline.css
"cmd": ["lessc", "$file", "${file_path}/../css/${file_base_name}.css", "--verbose"],
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didn't try it out, but it seeems that this configuration might work –  Roberto Nov 16 '12 at 10:11
You'll want to take the recommendation from the less build mentioned in Roberto's comment and do something like this: "cmd": ["lessc", "$file", "${file_path/(.*)less(.*)/\\1css\\2/}/${file_base_name}.css", "--verbose"], –  runningRhetoric Nov 29 '12 at 16:41
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