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I'm working on implementing iwlist python version. Here is a description of how iwlist works on Linux OS How does iwlist() command scans the wireless networks? what it does is to scan all nearby wifi access points, show a list of their ESSID, MAC address, signal/noise level, etc.

iwlist uses ioctl SIOCSIWSCAN to trigger a scan. Then it uses SIOCGIWSCAN to get scan results. For security reason I have to implement this without root access. But both these two command have to be run as root. The python equivalent iwlist has been implemented already However it uses the same ioctl.

I'm wondering if it is possible to work around this without sudo. Or, besides ioctl, if there's other ways to implement a non-sudo iwlist.

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Try it. Then ask if you run into issues. We won't do your research for you. – SomeKittens Jul 17 '12 at 13:16

I guess you also don't want to use setuid for security reasons. You might want to try the capability system instead and set the required capability on your binary. I don't know exactly which capability you need, probably one of the CAP_NET_* or CAP_SYS_* capabilities.

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