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I have a first page with 4 dropdowns. when i select the first dropdown there is a Ajax call will filter the other 3 dropdowns data, and click on submit button to display the second page.Now when i click on back button the dropdowns in the first page has to retain the data. only first dropdown is retaining the data, other 3 dropdowns having the initial data(not filtered data). So i am making a Ajax call on load function to see if the first dropdown is selected then i am filtering the other 3 dropdowns. The problem here is how to set the dropdown box selected value default. I have used like this: $('#hospital').val(varHospital); But its not setting it. How do u set the dropdown to select a some value by default in JQUERY in java

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Java is not ECMAScript (AKA: Javascript) –  Roko C. Buljan Jul 17 '12 at 6:26

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is correct. You have to make sure that varHospital contains value and not text of the <option> tag i.e.

<option value="varHospital">Text</option>

When you call the above jQuery line, the Option with varHospital will be selected. If varHospital is not present in the select list, there will be no change.

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