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I'm working on a project in Common Lisp which makes use of a package installed with quickload. I'm making a bash script in the root of the project which tests if the necessary programs are installed, and if it all checks out, it runs a lisp script which loads my project. I want some way of testing if quicklisp is installed, so that I can have it can ask the user for permission to download and install quicklisp automatically. Is there a way to test for this? Quicklisp is installed within clisp, not as a package on the OS, so using the bash builtins for testing if a program's installed won't work.

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From inside Lisp: Quicklisp puts :quicklisp onto the cl:*features* list. If Quicklisp is already loaded into Lisp, then this symbol is on the *features* list.

To test that:

(member :quicklisp *features*)

In Lisp code you can also use the conditional reader:

#+quicklisp (print "quicklisp installed")


#-quicklisp (print "quicklisp not installed")
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Awesome. I'll do that. –  Sotanaht Jul 17 '12 at 10:19

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