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I use this wonderful script to make my table sortable and add some filters to it. My problem is, I need always to see the second row in the thead (that with the checkbox) . I avoided sorting the row when clicked (by making it td instead th although it's in the thead). So the main problem is that i need to see the checkbox(thead/td and it shouldn't be active(when clicked to sort the table as the row above)) and also always see the tfoot - wich is also hided when add filter... Here are my settings

var Props =  {
          popup_filters: true,
          mark_active_columns: true,
          sort: true,
          sort_config: {  
          loader: true,  
          loader_html: '<img src="/images/load.gif" style="vertical-align:middle; margin:0 5px 0 5px"><span>Зареждане...</span>',
          mark_active_columns: true,
          col_0: "select",  
            col_1: "multiple",  
            col_2: "select",  
            col_3: "select",
            cEUtom_slc_options: {  
        texts: [['0- 50','60 - 80','80 - 100']],  
        values: [  
                    ['<=50','>60 && <=80','>80 && <=100']  
        sorts: [false],
        sort_config: {  
    themes: {   
    description:['My stylesheet'],   
          setFilterGrid("advancedtable1",Props );

enter image description here

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I found what I needed first what we need to do is to get the row number of the footer: var totRowIndex = tf_Tag(tf_Id('advancedtable1'),"tr").length; //advancedtable1 is the table id then I added this rows_always_visible:[2,totRowIndex] to the table props where 2 is the row in the th wich i wanted to always see and totRowIndex is the footer row.

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