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I want to see how many total hours I have logged in jira. Currently jira shows work log for individual story / sub tasks. But is it possible to show the total amount of work logged in jira by individual developer.

It would be nice if it shows a kind of metrics where work logged against each day is shown.

Edit : can I see burndown chart for individual developer?

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We are using the Timesheet Reports and Gadgets Add-On for JIRA. It's available on the Atlassian Marketplace under a BSD licence, but it's not free.

On our JIRA 5.0.x server, it was accessible from the Projects tab > Summary page > Reports drop-down list > Time Sheet Report item.

After upgrading to JIRA 6.x, it was accessible from Projects tab > Summary page > Reports section heading > Time Sheet Report.

One tip for the timesheet report is that you don't need to give a beginning and end date for the report: it defaults to the past week. So you can bookmark the report and come back later for a report of the last week.

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Thanks to Steve for recommending the Add-On and especially for tip! I'd like to add, that since version 2.5 it is possible to subscribe to report to receive it regularly by email, nice? –  avalez Aug 19 '13 at 21:45

I don't think it is possible with plain JIRA. You could use the REST api to build something yourself, or look at the various time tracking plugins for JIRA (Like Tempo). See also https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRACOM/Using+JIRA+For+Time+Tracking

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