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I am coming from a ruby/rails background and am trying to test with JUnit a Java project that I am working on.

I am looking for a library similar to Mocha with Rspec but for Java.

What exactly I am trying to do is something similar to this:


The goal being to stub the answer of any call to a method for the given instance of a class.

Any idea? I looked at Mockito, but could not find a way to do this.


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With Mockito you can do

MyClass myObj = mock(MyClass.class);

providing callMyMethod takes an Integer, and returns a String.

You can specify exact arguments instead of any(???.class) if you'd rather be more specific.

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I forgot - mock and when are static methods on the org.mockito.Mockito class. – Robert Trickey Jul 17 '12 at 7:41
and any() is a static method on org.mockito.Matchers – Robert Trickey Jul 17 '12 at 7:43

You can look EasyMock Framework, it's very easy to use and have a good community. You can find documentation here EasyMock documentation

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