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I am new to android apps. I am moving an app from iPhone to Android. If I get focus in an input field the soft keyboard pops up normally. However, when I press the keys I do not get the information in the input field. I have followed insructions here that suggest I go to the AVD Manager and edit the h/w for the keyboard adding keyboard support. That does not solve my problem.

The AVD details for the keyboard are as follows: CPU/ABI: ARM(armeabi-v7a) Target: Android 4.1 - API l\Level 16 Skin: WVGA800 hw/lcd/density: 240 hw.keyboard.lid: yes hw.keyboard: yes

Any help is appreciated.

Howard (howard@flickitt.com)

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If you're seeing the soft keyboard appear it's because hw.keyboard isn't actually set to yes. Can you check config.ini directly? You've probably seen this but here's more detailed instructions.

Android emulator doesn't take keyboard input - SDK tools rev 20

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