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I'm working on an android project, and i've found some difficulties parsing an xml file (located in res/raw). I use as a parser " Sax" but I didn't get the whole text between nodes, it stops in the first new line found. I've tried several tips but in vain, So i'm asking for your help, i hope solving problem asap bescause I feel a huge pressure and i must finish project on time, Thanks a lot. I've joined my source code : http://www.ensak-entreprises.com/XMLParsing.rar

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This page : IBM Developer Library notes on XML parsing on Android has a very good explanation and code examples for XML parsing on android. I'd recommend using XmlPullParser provided by android.

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+1 for XmlPullParser –  Ovidiu Latcu Jul 17 '12 at 8:08

You can check some parsing xml java sample. Look at this one.

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