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.globl _start
_start: bl      dead_loop
        ldr     pc, _start
        ldr     pc, _undefined_instruction
        ldr     pc, _software_interrupt
        ldr     pc, _prefetch_abort
        ldr     pc, _data_abort
        ldr     pc, _not_used
        ldr     pc, _irq
        ldr     pc, _fiq

        mov pc, lr

I want to do a uboot dead loop test, but found it jumps out of the supposed loop, What's wrong with my code, it is in start.S.

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Can't test for lack of an ARM crosscompiler right now, but you simply seem to be missing an =. Use

ldr pc, =_start

if what you want is to "jump to immediate". Otherwise, the assembler will treat the above as equal to ldr pc, [ pc, ... ] which is quite probably not what you want.

Note the difference between the ADR and LDR pseudo-instructions; adr pc, _start would, in your case, do the same as ldr pc, =start.

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