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I am using jquery 1.4.4 and trinying to check if this checkbox is checked

<input type="checkbox" style="float:right" checked="" id="mainBond">

I tried several techniques but non of them worked and I get 'true' every time

var chkd  = ($('#mainBond:checked').val()==undefined) ? 0 :1;
var chkd  = $('#mainBond').is(':checked');
var chkd  = $('#mainBond').attr('checked');
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You are getting true, because you had placed checked="" there


if you removed that, it will show you false.

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thanks, it worked! – devmonster Jul 17 '12 at 8:32

$('#mainBond').is(':checked') works in jQuery 1.4.4:

<input type="checkbox" style="float:right" checked id="mainBond"> This one is true
<input type="checkbox" style="float:right" id="mainBond2"> This one is false
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That's because it is checked. The value of the checked attribute is not important. As soon as it's present the box will be checked.

Just remove the attribute if you don't want it to be checked

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You didn't write your input line properly. It should have been: <input type="checkbox" style="float:right" checked id="mainBond">

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It seems like it is working even in 1.4.4. Here is an example: which... works, try clicking the checkbox and wait for 3 seconds to see you get true, uncheck it and you will get false.

EDIT: didn't save the example. wrong link.

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