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If I open a Chinese web page by a browser (ex: Chrome), the web page can show Chinese texts although I don't install Chinese fonts (only use available Windows fonts). However, on almost of Windows softwares, the Chinese texts are not displayed exactly. Ex: "ÐìÖÝ¿­Ðý ĸ֮ËÀ". I don't know what fonts Chrome uses to display Chinese texts? Why other Windows softwares don't use these fonts?

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Microsoft (and most Windows ISVs) has elected to use code pages for most of their software, which reduces memory and disk requirements at the cost of sacrificing portability. You'll need to use AppLocale if you want to run software that requires a code page other than the one used by the OS.

Unicode software, on the other hand, will display properly on any code page of Windows that has the appropriate fonts installed, but requires additional support on 9x versions of Windows.

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A browser like Chrome is configured to display a default font for certain encoding, or it retrieves from its embedded font types the one suggested by the page mega tag's charset.

Sometimes if the browser guesses the wrong character encoding, you'll still see gibberish and have to manually select the correct encoding to display the character correctly.

For desktop application, either the font is within the environment, or you have to hard-code the font into the application.

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