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I tried to install cgit with MacPorts

# port install cgit

but it fails with:

Error: Checksum (md5) mismatch for cgit-
Error: Checksum (sha1) mismatch for cgit-
Error: Checksum (rmd160) mismatch for cgit-
Error: org.macports.checksum for port cgit returned:
       Unable to verify file checksums

I'm running Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549), Kernel Version: Darwin 10.8.0 64-bit

already did some online search and successfully updated ports

# port selfupdate
# port upgrade outdated

but it didn't solved the problem.

I also don't know if I should file a bugreport at MacPorts (Mac newbie with Linux background here) so instead I used the occasion for my first stackoverflow question ;)

Help is appreciated,


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This may be temporary (try again, worked for me just now), some mirrors might be out of sync or broken. I got the random mirror where checksums were fine. Failing that, see if someone on IRC can help you, or create a ticket. – nobody Jul 17 '12 at 9:01
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It was a bug at MacPorts.

I reported it: and they kindly fixed it by updating cgit to the latest version.

Thanks nobody (amusing username) for feedback and Ryan for fixing it.

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