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I would like to make a sort of an equalizer for the youtube videos.

Do you know if there is any javascript library I could use ?

I would like to add an equalizer for a better fader :). http://www.belisoft.fr/fader/

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Well you would need to somehow capture the audio stream of the youtube videos. Fader just alters the volumes through the JSAPI. I'm not sure whether what you're asking is possible, if it is though you should look through the youtube JSAPI and there might be something in there for you.

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This is actually a nice idea, but Youtube does not offer the audio data via JSAPI nor has any JS interface to an EQ :-( So you will end up in coding your own flash-video player with an js scriptable EQ.

You may want to look at jwplayer http://developer.longtailvideo.com/trac/ which is available as source and you could base you work upon that source and add an EQ

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