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After spying Windows XP Regedit with Spy++, I found then status bar is used unknown style 0x00000010.

I try make own status bar with or without this value, but I cant see difference.

I think, this style is missing Common Control Styles value, because this value is missing in commctrl.h.

Can someone explain purpose of this value?

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After some research, it looks that this constant is named CCS_NOHILITE. Curiously enough, it is not in the Win32 headers (commctrl.h), but it is (or was) in the MFC ones (winres.h).

Probably it existed in some early days of the Common Controls, it was undocumented, but it filtered out through the MFC headers...

You can find a bit of documentation here, but I don't think that applies any more, so nowadays it is probably a no-op.

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Hmmm, interesting. :-) – Xearinox Jul 17 '12 at 10:22

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