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how could I convert a text escaped with StringEscpeUtils.escapeJavascript back to the original text in java? I have converted a russian text with escapeJavascript and the result is: \u041F\u043E\u0440\u043E\u0434\u044B, but backwards it is not working.

Thank you !

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Try the unescapeJavascript method.

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like I said, it is not working. Result : ?????????????? –  Iulia Muntianu Jul 17 '12 at 9:37

You can try native2ascii, a command line tool in the bin directory of java. You need the original encoding.

The following alternatives try default encoding (your OS, System.getProperty("file.encoding")), Cyrillic, and Russian.

native2ascii -reverse input.txt output.txt
native2ascii -reverse -encoding windows-1251 input.txt output.txt
native2ascii -reverse -encoding KOI8-R input.txt output.txt

Naturally in java you would simply print/write the string.Ä

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