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I'm trying to run a jython script from my Junit testcases. I have included the maven-jython-plugin.jar and jython.jar as well. As well as updated my pom.xml file accordingly. But when I run 'mvn install', I get following error:

Failed to execute goal net.sf.mavenjython:jython-compile-maven-plugin:1.0:jython (pydevLockUnlock) on project NTLauncherTest: extracting org/python/antlr/op/AugLoad.class from jython artifact jar failed: target/jython-plugins-tmp/org/python/antlr/op/AugLoad.class (Too many open files)

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong and have a solution for this?

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The issue is that maven can keep a lot of jar filehandles open. Check out this link for suggestions on how to troubleshoot that.

I've found that just re-running mvn install can lead to a successful build.

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