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When I try to share a "discussion" (which is merely a link from our website) at linkedin through the "Attach a link", it used to pull a nice image earlier, but it ceased to do so now.

Is there a meta property="og: we should specifically use for linkedin shares to have an image shown?

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The LinkedIn share functionality supports a small subset of open graph tags as documented here: https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/setting-display-tags-shares

Note that at least until recently (and possibly still) re-scraping of existing shared pages is broken, so if you've already shared a page and it got the wrong image you're stuck unless you share it with a different URL.

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Thanks @Kirsten , This should be the accepted answer , although the OGP is evidently there for FB , it's not mentioned on LinkedIn. –  Rameez Ahmed Sayad Oct 17 '14 at 10:35

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