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I'm fairly new to iPhone programming so please bear with me. I currently have a tab bar with 5 tabs, each loading a table view. When one of the cells in the table are pressed it loads a second set of tabs containing 4 tabs. When I go to the second set of tabs I use self.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES in my segue method. This works well to eliminate the first set of tab bars and displays the second set.

However when I hit the back button and pop that view controller my first set of tabs stays hidden. I have found other posts regarding this but have been unable to get them to work.

I would like to avoid replacing my back bar with a custom one. Please help.

EDIT: Just wanted to say that I have realized that when I load the second tab controller its loading it within the original tab view controller, going back to investigate further.

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According to the documentation, setting hidesBottomBarWhenPushed should make the bottom bar reappear when the view controller gets popped. Could you post some code? – Anshu Chimala Jul 17 '12 at 10:36
I've embedded the navigation and tab bar controllers through storyboard, so to be honest there isn't much code to post. – justMike Jul 17 '12 at 14:39

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