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I use Codesmith to create our code generation templates and have had success in learning how to use the tool by looking at example templates and the built in documentation. However I was wondering if there are any other resources (books, articles, tutorials, etc.) for getting a better grasp of Codesmith?

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Have you checked the codesmith community site

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We also have a great new collection of video tutorials available. You may want to check those out as well.

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There is also a Google Code Codesmith section where you can download the latest updates of some CSLA, nHibernate and Plinqo templates.

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Great find! Thanks for pointing these out, I'm sure I will have a use for them in the future. –  jwarzech Oct 6 '09 at 13:18

Here is an interesting tutorial for building a data access layer using CodeSmith.

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Depending on the templates you are using, we might have a separate website with tons of useful information like nettiers.com and plinqo.com. Also check out the help section on our community site.

We have also recently created a new WIKI (http://docs.codesmithtools.com) for all of our documentation.


-Blake Niemyjski

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