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I am developing a Wpf App for a large client base, and have just found out that Windows Media Player 10+ is required in order to properly use the MediaElement XAML class in my Form. I personally don't use WMP, so I did not have it updated in my system (it was version 9, so no video played). I know for a fact many of the clients use alternative solutions and also may not be able to stream video this way in this application.

My question is - what alternative can I use that is fairly easy and flexible, but can work with earlier versions of WMP on XP?

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I haven't been able to find a way around this problem, as the MediaElement sits on top of the WMP player.

However, in terms of a strategy for overcoming this problem, I would include WMP 10+ as part of my deployment package. You can set it up as a requirement in your installation of your application and thus will ensure that all your users can view video in the app.

Hope that helps!

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Try my MediaUriElemet in http://wpfmediakit.codeplex.com

It does not require WMP, but does require .NET 3.5 SP1


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