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I want to add an icon to the NSTabViewItem with some text.

Please help me with the code in drawLabel:inRect: method.

- (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)decoder
[super initWithCoder:decoder];

tabCell = [[NSBrowserCell alloc] initImageCell:[NSImage 

[tabCell setLeaf:YES];
[tabCell setFont:[[self tabView] font]];
[tabCell setStringValue: [self label]];

return self;

- (void)drawLabel:(BOOL)shouldTruncateLabel inRect:(NSRect)tabRect
{ //  modify the rect a tad so the cell draws properly..
    tabRect.origin.y += 2;
    tabRect.size.width += 16;

[tabCell drawWithFrame:tabRect inView:[self tabView]];

- (NSSize)sizeOfLabel:(BOOL)shouldTruncateLabel
NSSize superSize = [super sizeOfLabel:shouldTruncateLabel];
NSImage *icon = [tabCell image];

superSize.width += [icon size].width-4;

return superSize;

I am able to add an icon to the NSTabViewItem but the icon is coming out of the tab because of its big size. How can I maintain the size of icon to stay within the TabViewItem?

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