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Am new to Maven...

Trying to create a simple applet.

  1. Include dependencies for the applet. For this I have tried :


    I have these files included in the lib folder under my project structure. this lib contains couple of jar files and a JNI dll which I need to use in my applet. Is there any better option to create repository than the above,Kindly share?

  2. Packaging applet jar with dependencies. For this I have tried :


I expect the above to wrap my dependencies into one single jar, but its not been the case. the generated jar file size doesnt contain the dependency jar files.(I can say coz the size of the jar file remains unchanged for both jars with and without dependencies are same)

Am I in the right way of doing things with Maven?

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Take look at shade plugin, this plugin creates executable "uber jar" or if you realy need something really complicated assembly plugin.

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Thank you, shade as well as maven are very new to me, I spent some time on trying to learn maven because I found it is useful for my applications when it comes to build..so Kindly check the above on what I have tried and advice me If some thing needs to be changed..Once again thanks for your time. –  user1042031 Jul 18 '12 at 9:37

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