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I have the following code.

Person = new Backbone.Model({

    { age: "27" },
    {name: "alamin"}


now , how can i get the value?

person=new Person();

Please tell me the solution.

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Models are supposed to contain scalar data –  Esailija Jul 17 '12 at 11:46
I'm pretty sure you should be using Backbone.Model.extend and maybe you mean defaults rather than data, as you have given it initial values. –  Dan Prince Jul 17 '12 at 11:54

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I don't know of a data property when defining a model - maybe you mean defaults? as in

var Person = Backbone.Model.extend({
   defaults: {
      property1: value1,
      property2: value2,
      property3: ["arrval1", "arrval2", "arrval3"]

You would retrieve the value of certain property using get: myperson.get('property1'). To set the value of a property use set: myperson.set('property1', 'newValueOfProperty')

If a property is an array the myperson.get('property3')[ index ]

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To get the array as an object:

Use person.get('data')

To get the value of an attribute from the array:

Use person.get('data').name

Or person.get('data')['name']

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To obtain attributes of a specific element of the array:

var people = person.get('data'); // This gets the array of people.
var individual = people[0];      // This gets the 0th element of the array.
var age = individual.age;        // This gets the age property.
var name = individual.name;      // This gets the name property.
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