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I've been working with mysql, but lately want to be able to test my app offline with sqlite3. I've been writing some statements like:

where("date_arrived is not null")

which work well with mysql, but with sqlite3 it ain't workin'. I have to re-write it to something like:

where("date_arrived != 'NULL'")

to make it work in sqlite3. You notice I have to put NULL in single quotes and change the comparison.

I've looked for the proper ActiveRecord way to write this, so that I can use the same code on both DBs, but the closest I could get was

where(:date_arrived => nil)

But not a negative where like: where(:date_arrived => !nil)

Any clues?

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Solution stackoverflow.com/a/4252615 –  AlexST Jul 17 '12 at 13:30
@AlexST, Thanks. I've used Squeel now and it seems nice: where{date_arrived != nil} generates a nice WHERE date_arrived IS NOT NULL sql, BUT that's good for some databases, not for sqlite3. sqlite 3 wants to see WHERE (date_arrived != 'NULL') so I'm left without database agnosticism. –  mjnissim Jul 24 '12 at 16:30

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