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How can I simulate exact behave of mouse click on a browser's button (e.g. Firefox)?
When user clicks on a button using mouse click then an event is generated. Could I use or call the event manually?

I can use Javascript to simulate click on a button but it will not call the same event in the same way as when a user really clicks on the button.

The reason I ask for solution: record engine for recording any event occur in the document level works in background, I want to create web app with self play functionality, that means when I browse the web app in browser it will do business flow automatically and then the engine will record the events.

Please ask if my question not clear, Thanks.

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This is easiest with something like jQuery.

//listen for clicks - real or simulated
$('#some_element').on('click', function() { alert('click!'); });

//simulate clicks (two ways)

It is possible to know, from inside the event callback, whether the event was real or simulated. I did a blog post on this some months ago.

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the jQuery example will create not original event and in this case I will not be able to catch the event, in your blog post I found that you can determine if the event is original or not, but how could I create original event? –  kimo Jul 17 '12 at 15:06

You should look into Selenium. It uses automation and other native APIs to simulate user input in exactly the way you wish.

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If we are talking about record DOM objects and user action then will be good option to use LR TruClient new protocol, I want to know how to emulate call event!! –  kimo Jul 18 '12 at 8:22

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