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I have 2 points, a static map annotation and the user device that moves. For both points i have Lat and Long and for the moving device i have the course which is give in degrees 0 for N, 90 for E and so on. How can i find out if the second point which is static is at N,E,W,S from my position ?

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Let's say your device is at point (x,y) and the static point is at (xs,ys).

Consider the right triangle between these two points. It has catheti with length xs-x and ys-y, so the angle between the x-axis and the hypotenuse is arctan((ys-y)/(xs-x)). Note that the hypotenuse points in the direction of (xs,ys), so this angle tells you which direction that point is in.

If the angle is 0, the static point is to the east.

If the angle is pi/2, the static point is to the north.

If the angle is pi, the static point is to the west.

If the angle is 3*pi/2, the static point is to the south.

If you want this angle converted such that 0 degrees is north, 90 degrees is east, etc, it's simply a matter of computing (360 + 90 - angle * 180/pi) % 360

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