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Here is my code:

var $container = jQuery('#hentry-wrapper');
    $container.imagesLoaded( function(){
            itemSelector : '.hentry',
            columnWidth: 454,
            gutterWidth: 30,
            isResizable: true

        navSelector  : '#nav-pagination',
        nextSelector : '#nav-pagination .next',
        itemSelector : '.hentry',
        loading: {
            finishedMsg: 'No more pages to load.',
            img: ''
    // trigger Masonry as a callback
    function( newElements ) {
        // hide new items while they are loading
        var $newElems = jQuery( newElements ).css({ opacity: 0 });
        // ensure that images load before adding to masonry layout
            // show elems now they're ready
            $newElems.animate({ opacity: 1 });
            $container.masonry( 'appended', $newElems, true ); 

    // kill scroll binding

    // hook up the manual click guy.
        return false;

    // remove the paginator when we're done.
        if (xhr.status == 404) jQuery('#load-more').remove();

The problem is that #load-more doesn't remove when we're done. But here is fine What's the problem? Any help please?

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The last page should not contain #load-more element.

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i know, i need to remove it. – Антон Слепцов Jul 17 '12 at 12:30
When you generate html page, you know if you are at end and if it's case, you don't add the html element "#load-more" at your page. – tekilatexee Jul 17 '12 at 12:56

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