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Does paypal sends an IPN notifications to your callback url on clearance of an echeck transaction ?

I was testing an echeck transaction in PayPal Sandbox. The app received echeck transaction notification with payment_status as "Pending". After manually clearing the transaction from PayPal account, the app didn't received any kind of notification.

I was expecting a second IPN notification with same txn_id and payment_status as "Completed" or "Cleared". Is it not so ?

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I am getting notifications when echecks clear, at least in production (not sure about sandbox).

Source: my Website Payments Standard (with enhanced recurring payments) Paypal IPN recent transaction history and my application's log.

Here are a few fields from the original IPN notification and the cleared one, which in this case came about 5 days later. They both have the same transaction ID.

original, pending:

payment_date=[initial date]

cleared, completed:

payment_date=[initial date]
echeck_time_processed=[process date]
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