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Say that I have a server module called server.js and an api module called api.js, server.js is the main module that i'm running.

Now, In the server, I have some functions that exports some data about the server, In the api.js, I want to get some data from the server exported functions by adding: var api = require('./server.js');

The problem is that I get the server.js code running twice, first time when i'm running it, second when the api.js running the require('./server.js')

Any suggestions to bypass this issue?


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You should do it the other way around. Something like this:

In server.js:

api = require('./api.js');
api.exportData({data1: foo, data2: bar});

In api.js:

var data1 = 'defaultvalue1', data2 = 'defaultvalue2';

exports.exportData = function(dataObject) {
    data1 = dataObject.data1;
    data2 = dataObject.data2;

// rest of your code
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