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I've encountered problem using RSpec and decent_exposure gem in my Rails application.

My controller tests are failing, because of decent_exposure calls method "new" twice (Model.new(params[name]). Once with name (Brand.new(params["brands"]) returning Brand.new(nil)) and second what I expect (Brand.new(params["brand"])). I need somehow skip first call in my test file. Brand.should_receive(:new).with(...).once.and_return(band) is not working.

My test file:

let(:brand) {

before do

describe "with valid parameters" do
  it "should create a new brand" do
      "name" => "LG",

    post :create, :brand => {
      "name" => "LG",

So, can you please help me figure out how to get pass this?

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Try this:

Brand.should_receive(:new).once.with("name" => "LG").and_return(brand)

I'd advise adding an expectation for whatever method the controller uses to persist brand. Usually this is save:

brand.should_receive(:save) { true }
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