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I want to add a shaderMaterial to my collada object, I tried this but it failed :

THREE.SceneUtils.traverseHierarchy( collada.scene, function ( object ) { 

    if ( object.material ) {

        object.material = new THREE.ShaderMaterial( { ... } );


} );


var loader = new THREE.ColladaLoader();
            loader.options.convertUpAxis = true;
            loader.load( './models/collada/Obj.dae', function colladaReady( collada ) {

                dae = collada.scene.children[0];
                shader = THREE.ShaderExtras[ "colorify" ];
                uniforms = THREE.UniformsUtils.clone( shader.uniforms );
                dae.material=new THREE.ShaderMaterial({
                fragmentShader: THREE.ShaderExtras.colorify.fragmentShader});

I have this error : "WebGL: DrawElements: bound vertex attribute buffers do not have sufficient size for given indices from the bound element array ". Without this shader I can load the collada object.

What's wrong ?

Thank you.

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can you post the JSON Data – Kishore Jul 17 '12 at 12:50

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