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I may be missing something about the default servlet of my Tomcat7. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I am developing a Spring/Vaadin app, where I use the default servlet to serve static content. An image should be visible on the login screen right away, but it does not show. When I log in as an user to the app, and hit logout, the particular image shows up, and everything is working well, after subsequent logins. But if I close the browser and reopen it, the whole misery starts over again.

I tried the app on a Jelastic Tomcat6 stack, and it worked, so it must either be a new feature of Tomcat7 or the guys at Jelastic do something with Tomcat config to make it work properly.

Did anyone run into the same problem ever? I am running out of ideas.


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Are you currently using Tomcat 7 within Jelastic or are you trying to deploy it elsewhere? That part wasn't very clear in your question.

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