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I am facing a strange issue with Validators in OpenRasta.I have entry in my configuration file for Validator

ResourceSpace.Uses.CustomDependency<IValidator<Customer>, CustomerValidator>(DependencyLifetime.PerRequest);

I am testing my API using REST Client.While making a call to my API method in handler, validator is not getting called every time.I feel that i am making some mistakes in my configuration.

Can anybody let me know what needs to be done for fixing this?

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Have you enabled a pipeline contributor to intercept and perform validation?

Seeing your full configuration and handler code sample would help.

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I have a ResourceValidationInterceptor which has a entry in configuration file ResourceSpace.Uses.CustomDependency<IOperationInterceptor, ResourceValidationInterceptor>(DependencyLifetime.PerRequest); Please let me know if you want more details. – prashant Jul 18 '12 at 4:55
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Changed Dependency Lifetime from PerRequest To Transient for both ResourceValidationInterceptor and CustomerValidator as Follows.

ResourceSpace.Uses.CustomDependency<IOperationInterceptor, ResourceValidationInterceptor>(DependencyLifetime.Transient);

ResourceSpace.Uses.CustomDependency<IValidator<Customer>, CustomerValidator>(DependencyLifetime.Transient);

that solved my issue.

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