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What i mean is if i create a Element with jQuery and DOM

var MainHolder = $(document.createElement("div")).addClass("box");

if i was to call MainHolder.width() without drawing the element in the window would it be cleaver and work out that it gets the width from the .box CSS class or would it just return 0 as it's not drawn so it can't work it out?

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Could you have not tried it yourself? jsfiddle.net/uk3wU (the answer is that it returns 0). –  Matt Jul 17 '12 at 13:14
i was going to but i though i would search SO first and it was not here so i though it would be useful for the answer to be on the site :) SEO and all that –  HotHeadMartin Jul 17 '12 at 13:26
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You could draw the element, get the width, and undraw it:

var MainHolder = $(document.createElement("div")).addClass("box").css({
    position: "absolute",
    left: -9999

var width = MainHolder.width();

    position: "static",
    left: "auto"
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Thanks this was the most complete Answer –  HotHeadMartin Jul 17 '12 at 13:43
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Using jQuery .width() you can only get the width of elements in the HTML document.

In my examples below I've set the width in the CSS to 200px:

Example without appended to HTML body - returns 0

Example when appended to HTML body - returns 200

I believe the main reason for this is that applying box to the element and looking for a .box rule doesn't work when you have rules such as .container .box or .container2 .box. jQuery needs to know where this element belongs within your document to understand what width it'll have.

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Jquery can't fetch the width of an element that is not drawn.

What I have done before is set the top margin of the element to -1000 and the position to absolute, the get the width and height, after that setting the top margin right.

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