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In my application I use multiple threads to handle client connections.

i found a very weird behavior when debugging - I have a SelectionKey that by invoking (using the debugger) its interestOps() method the return value is 1 (READ), but when I send data to the socket corresponding to that key the selector not wakes up..

If using the debugger I changes the specific selection key interest ops to 1 (even though it was 1) the selector suddenly react to that change.

I have only one thread handling a connection at a given time but this thread is not specific to that connection, if I disable the multi-threading (set the thread pool to be of size 1) this problem never occurred.

By looking at the SelectionKey class documentation - this method should be thread safe - did i miss something?

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Did you actually step into the source code? The javadocs don't always mention whether or not a method is thread-safe. –  user1329572 Jul 17 '12 at 13:31
@user1329572 Yes, the method does 2 significant things - changes its own interested ops field and then call the channel's translateAndSetInterestOps method - this is where I think that the problem occurred but as I said - I have only one thread handling a connection at a time, I also synchronize on the key upon changes its interestOp but that not fix the bug.. –  bennyl Jul 17 '12 at 13:37

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The problem was solved after i moved all the changes to the interestOps to be done on the selector thread - so I guess that interestOps(int) is not thread safe.

by moving all the interestOps changes to the selector thread I also gain 30% speedup - not sure why but this is the only change between my tests..

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It's not a question of thread safety. If there is a select() currently in progress, it has already read all the interestOps out of all the registered keys and is selecting on those values as they were when read: the values are passed to the operating system and an operating system blocking operation is in progress. Changing the interestOps in the middle of a select operation can't affect that select operation, only the next one(s).

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i was "waking up" the selector after each key change - that didnt help.. i even use the select(int) method with timeout of 10 seconds just to see if this behavior can be "fixed" using the selector - and it was not. –  bennyl Jul 18 '12 at 7:46

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