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I have a simple problem statement, to invoke my application when multiple key pressed in blackberry device.

For example, I have the "Capture It" application which takes screenshot with key-combinations. How do we achieve such implementations. Any way to handle global key press event handling like how we invoke PhoneListener for incoming calls handling?

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As Richard says in this stack overflow answer, you can't implement a KeyListener from the background, because that would be a huge security risk. Applications could then log your keystrokes, and steal your password.

I don't have CaptureIt, but it looks to me like it works two ways:

  • first, it adds a BlackBerry menu option, to launch it. That's completely different from allowing the app to start from any key combination. That technique (adding your app into the BB menu) is definitely supported.

  • it looks like a lot of people setup CaptureIt to run when they press their device's Convenience Key. That is a special key, that you can program to start any app on the device, through Options -> Screen / Keyboard.

But, I don't think you can do exactly what you're asking.

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