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I made a custom function which acts like bbCode. I'm using preg_replace and regex. The only problem is that if I use more than one bbCode formatting, then just only one works..


If I enter this line, then the image appears BUT the [align=center]image[/align] also. How can I avoid this problem?

$patterns[2] = '@\[align=(.*)\](.*)\[\/align\]@si';
$patterns[9] = '@\[img\](.*\.jpg)\[\/img\]@si';
$replacements[2] = '<table align=\1><tr><td align=\1>\2</td></tr></table>';//ALIGN
$replacements[9] = '<img src=\"$1\"/>';//image
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Your patterns are greedy, so the [align] will match things like [align=something[/align][/align]. – nickb Jul 17 '12 at 13:47
i would search and replace the image as is, BUT paired tags like 'align' as singles ie treat [align=center] and [/align] as seperate entities. so the replace wont include the code between the tags – Waygood Jul 17 '12 at 13:51
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Changing the .* expressions to non-greedy (.*?) will work for you.


$in = '[align=center][img]myimagelink[/img][/align]';
$patterns = array(
    '~\[align=(left|right|center)\](.*?)\[/align\]~' => '<div style="text-align: $1">$2</div>',
    '~\[img](.*?)\[/img\]~' => '<img src="$1" />',

$rep = preg_replace(array_keys($patterns), $patterns, $in);
echo htmlspecialchars($rep);
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Rather than reinventing the wheel I recommend using an existing javascript library.

I believe StackOverflow uses Prettify to format user input.

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As @nickb stated, your patterns are greedy. (.*) grabs everything. Try changing it to (.*?).

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treat all tags as singles not pairs

$patterns[2] = '@\[align=(.*)\]@si';
$patterns[3] = '@\[\/align\]@si';
$patterns[9] = '@\[img\](.*\.jpg)\[\/img\]@si';
$replacements[2] = '<div align=\"$1\">';//ALIGN
$replacements[3] = '</div>';//ALIGN
$replacements[9] = '<img src=\"$1\"/>';//image
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