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i want to read all attributes from a class in abap (maybe via reflection?). after that i want to filter out all constants from a specifed type. how can i do this? i know that i can read the all items of a structur via "assign component of struct ..." with field-symbols. also i can read them via a function module which reads the field catalog from a structur.

but how to do this with the attributes of an class? i have no idea - in other languages i would use reflection.

thanks for any help!


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Use the RTTS for this. You'll get an instance of CL_ABAP_OBJECTDESCR (either a CLASSDESCR or an INTFDESCR, depending on what kind of reference you throw in) that has some public attributes that contain the attributes of the class in question.

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thanks! works fine :) i already heard about this, but couldn't remember. –  cyptus Jul 18 '12 at 15:07
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