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I have a requirement of replacing certain phrases in existing PDFs with hyperlinks. For example, "One advantage of using the Java language is the availability of man-power" should get processed to "One advantage of using the Java language is the availability of man-power."

For this, I created a Processor class extending PDFTextStripper. By overriding processTextPosition, I was able to get the TextPosition of all the characters. But I am unable to know how to get a PDRectangle from a TextPosition, which will help me build a PDAnnotationLink. I tried the combinations of x, y properties, but am missing the location. Needing some help. Thank you.


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I did this:

rectangle.setLowerLeftY(position.getTextPos().getYPosition() - 2); // 2 as cushion
rectangle.setUpperRightX(rectangle.getLowerLeftX() + position.getWidthDirAdj());
rectangle.setUpperRightY(rectangle.getLowerLeftY() + 12 /*
    ideally it should be position.getHeightDir()?
    but my sample PDF yielded a negative figure for this */);
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