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I am having a list like

     <li style="display: list-item;" id="listChoices">
      <label class="topspace">Enter the Choices</label>
    <input value="Choice1" maxlength="150" id="Choice1"/>
   <input value="Choice2" maxlength="150" id="Choice2"/>
   <input value="Choice3" maxlength="150" id="Choice3"/>


I want to delete the input tag alone so i tried it with

$("#listChoices").empty(); // which removes the entire content of the list . But i want to remove only the input elements so i tried it with

    $("#listChoices input").empty();//But its not working..Why so???
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 $("#listChoices input").remove();

Which will remove the tags. empty() will simply clear the innerHTML.

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Ya it works now.. –  Mercy Jul 20 '09 at 9:00
Ah, was a tad bit too slow :) –  googletorp Jul 20 '09 at 9:02

if you want to remove all the input elements after the label. Then use this.


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