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I have an AJAX query which makes a request and gets some XML back. The XML contains data for a table and a chart. The table works fine but the chart (for FusionCharts) is proving to be problematic. I have it working in FireFox by using

   // For some reason the .text() is not working on this, one solution is to write it to the page'
   // and then read it back again.'
   var onlyChart = $(jData).find("chart");'

   // Append the xml to the div to hold it'
   //$( document.getElementById("xmldiv")).append (onlyChart);'
   var xmlDiv = document.getElementById("xmldiv");'
   xmlDiv.innerHTML = "";'

   //alert (xmlDiv.innerHTML);'

   // Read the data from the div'
   var chartFromDiv = document.getElementById('xmldiv').innerHTML;'

this is not ideal, but it does work. Unfortunately it does not work in IE. I need a jQuery function that will put the xml in the chart tags into a variable. I have tried text and just get alot of \n back.

Any help with this would be brilliant.



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You can try:

   var onlyChart = $(jData).find("chart");

   var xmlDiv = $("#xmldiv");

   var chartFromDiv = xmlDiv.html();
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Unfortunately that didn't work. Ideally i'd like to not have to write to the xmlDiv at all, but I can't get the data from the XML object. Any idea why .text doesn't work –  John Jul 20 '09 at 9:20
Put a sample of your XML data. –  Artem Barger Jul 20 '09 at 9:34

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