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Is it possible to move a bookmark from one head to another without committing any file changes? I've tried:

hg update <destination-head>
hg bookmark bookmark-to-move -f
hg commit

But Mercurial complains nothing changed and when I try to hg push -f I get no changes found. Any ideas?

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You need to use the -B flag to hg push in order to make it move the bookmark.

If a bookmark is already exported (present in both source and destination), then a simple hg push will move the bookmark forward in the destination. In your case, the local bookmark is not a descendant of the remote bookmark, and so hg push alone will no move it.


hg push -B bookmark-to-move

will work and move the remote bookmark as you want.

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That did it. Thanks! –  Gili Jul 18 '12 at 6:01

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