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This is in reference to the ResultObjectPattern. Usually, the ResultObject will be rather simple with just private instance variables referring to various components of the result, and getter methods (possibly setters too?) for those.

Now, would it be a bad idea to add behavior methods to the ResultObject? For example, let's say the ResultObject pushed out one or more of its instance variables to a cache and retrieve them back only when needed, or provided methods that do some computation,-- would that be okay, or would these be things that'd rather be handled by a separate (singleton/utility) class such as a ResultObjectManager?

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I think if behavior is strongly related to data and behavior is not beyond the scope of RO responsibilities - is not bad idea.

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I'd say that when the choice is between adding an instance method to a regular class and adding a static method to anything or any method to a singleton, I'll add the instance method to the regular class. It's the OO way.

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