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I have two files with common field. I want to merge the two files with common field and write the merged file into another file using awk in linux command.





These sample files are seperated by $ and output merged file also will be in $. Also these rows have the empty field.

I tried the script using join:

   join -t "$" out2.csv out1.csv  |sort -un > file3.csv

But there is total number mismatching happened.

Tried with awk:


#!/usr/bin/awk -f 
NR==FNR{a[FNR]=$0;next} {print a[FNR],$2,$3}

I ran it

awk -f myawk.awk out2.csv out1.csv > file3.csv

It was also taking too much time. Not responding.

Here out2.csv is master file and we have to compare with out1.csv

Could you please help me to write the merged files into another file?

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To use join, the input files must already be sorted. That you are piping to sort -n indicates that perhaps they are not sorted correctly. Try sorting them lexicographically (not numerically), then use join, then sort the output numerically. – William Pursell Jul 17 '12 at 14:53

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Run the following using bash. This gives you the equivalent of a full outer join

 join -t'$' -a 1 -a 2 <(sort -k1,1 -t'$' out1.csv ) <(sort -k1,1 -t'$' out2.csv )
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Yeah this is working the problem is the first file line is writing and then the second file line is writing into next line..So the columns are not merging properly..Because after i merged this file again i have to merge with another file(out3.csv) based on the same first column field .. – saravanan Jul 17 '12 at 14:51
Saravanan, join command returns matching lines from 2 files side by side. You sure your lines are not terminated by CRLF characters? – 1_CR Jul 17 '12 at 23:08

You were in the good direction with the awk solution. The main point was to change FS to split fields with $:

Content of script.awk:

awk '
    BEGIN {
        ## Split fields with "$".
        FS = "$"

    ## Save lines from second file, the first field as the index of the
    ## array, and rest of the line as the value.
    FNR == NR {
        file2[ $1 ] = substr( $0, index( $0, "$" ) )

    ## Print when keys from both files match.
    FNR < NR {
        if ( $1 in file2 ) {
            printf "%s$%s\n", $0, file2[ $1 ]
' out2.csv out1.csv


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