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In Spring MVC 3, I have a customer Formatter that converts my entity objects to text and parses the text for my entity objects. It's registered with the conversionService bean. This link shows how it works:

I'm wondering if there's any way to apply the formatter to text not inside of forms. Specifically, I'd like my object displays to have a web link to their foreign key entities with the same text that's used in the forms. I've gotten the forms to display successfully, but I haven't been able to apply it to the text on the JSP page. Instead, it uses toString.

I've played around with <spring:bind>, <spring:message>, and <spring:eval>, but they don't seem to apply to the formatter. <spring:eval> attempts to use the DateTimeFormatter.

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Hopefully, this helps someone else looking for this. It turns out it was <spring:eval>, which makes sense, since somehow it has to be linked to Spring. The issue was syntactical. The statement below causes the entity to be processed by a Spring converter.

<spring:eval expression="myEntityObject" htmlEscape="false"/>

No JSP tags are needed, like: ${ok}

This uses the Spring expression language.

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