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I'm trying to activate my table in the SAP system. As you may tell, i'm only a beginner, anyway, the error log:

TABL ZAVG_SO_OO was not activated Check table ZAVG_SO_OO (VARDELEAN/17.07.12/17:27) ZAVG_SO_OO-NETWR (combination reference table/field VBAP-NETWR does not exist) Table ZAVG_SO_OO must be created in the database Check on table ZAVG_SO_OO resulted in errors

The vbap-netwr message is confusing me. Obviously table VBAP has a field NETWR. The rest i don't really know what to think of.

Any clues?

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what data element did you assign to ZAVG_SO_OO-NETWR? – Jorg Jul 17 '12 at 22:34
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Don't forget for currency and quantity fields like NETWR you need a reference table and reference field. Go into SE11, put in VBAP, click on the currency/quantity field tab and scroll down to your NETWR. Hit F1 to get a nice description of what this field is doing for you. Your custom table needs these references as well. Hope this leads you in the right direction.

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it did lead me in the right dir. Thx :) – vlad-ardelean Jul 19 '12 at 15:20

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